How To Join Your Baby and Me Class with Everything Babies!

How to join an Online Baby and Me Classes -

We’re so excited for your first class! Are you?

(If you stumbled upon this page accidentally without registering first, go here first)

How to join with Zoom:

  1. You may use your computer or phone (must download the Zoom app to join on mobile devices)
  2. Open the Zoom website on the computer – or the Zoom app on your phone.
  3. Enter the Meeting ID number (You can find it in the email invite from Zoom.)
  4. You’re in!


Video Etiquette:

  1. Make sure your video is on and your microphone is on MUTE when you join.
  2. When you have a question or a response, turn the mute OFF. Try not to interrupt someone if they are speaking–neither person will be heard clearly!
  3. When you are done talking, MUTE yourself again. 
  4. I want everyone to feel like part of the group! Try to keep your questions and comments brief so everyone has a chance to participate.
  5. You can always make comments or ask questions in the side bar chat thread. If we don’t get to it during the class, I will follow up with you after. If you would like to talk in more detail, schedule a free 30-minute consult with this link: 


Attendance Etiquette:

  1. Classes fill up quickly and will likely have waiting lists.
  2. Once you register and reserve your spot in a class, it will be assumed that you are going to join us every week, and your punch card will be “punched” at the start of every class.
  3. In order to cancel and save a punch, you must cancel by email with at least 48 hour’s notice. Last minute cancels (within 48 hours) due to illness or emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis if you notify me before the class starts. The sooner you contact me to cancel, the more likely you will be approved to make up that class.
  4. I am sorry, but we cannot redeem punches for “no-shows”.


Facebook Messenger: *

*FB messages can only be used for cancels or questions within 48 hours of class time. YOU MUST FRIEND ME FIRST or I may not see your message in a timely manner.*

The full attendance and cancellation policies can be found here: Policies and Disclaimers

(In case you forgot, you agreed to these terms and conditions when you registered!) 😉


OK! Enough bossy-bossy already! Let’s go hang out with the other ladies and their babies!