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I want to promote open communication and collaboration between Everything Babies! and our readers. You may simply comment directly on any of our posts, or fill out the contact form below to share something or stimulate a conversation that will be re-posted in one of these categories:


Any question you ask in the comment form below will be answered as a new post on the Q&A page. For now, all questions will be re-posted anonymously.

Funny Stories

I’ll tell some, you tell some,  and we’ll all laugh together. 🙂 Share your stories in the comment form below and it will be shared as a new post on the “Funny Stories” page.  Please specify if you want to remain anonymous or use a pen name or avatar. Feel free to add your blog link if you would like. (I thought it would be funny if all anonymous contributors assigned themselves a fruit name, like papaya or cherry. Yeah? Haha! Now you’ve seen a glimpse of the goofy side of me.) ♥


Please share your favorite quotes in the contact form below and they will be shared on the “quotes” page. They can be anything related to our topics, as long as they are funny, meaningful, inspirational, helpful and/or positive. Toddler quotes are my favorite! Do you love quotes as much as I do? 

Discussion Board will be rolled out in Phase II  😉

Now get to it! We can’t wait to hear from you! wendy@everythingbabies.org

***Bonus!*** If you submit something for our “Let’s Talk” pages before the end of 2016, you will receive a FREE, detailed milestone checklist for the first year!!