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The Best Summer Sandals for Babies and Toddlers: Recommendations from a Pediatric PT

April 29, 2017
The Best Summer Sandals For Babies and Toddlers: Quality Over Cuteness at

3  Reasons Why Quality

Is More Important Than Cuteness


A Pediatric Physical Therapist’s Recommendations

for the Best Summer Sandals for Babies and Toddlers


Have you started shopping for summer sandals for your babies and toddlers? There are so many stinkin’ cute shoes available for kids these days! I want them all, and all in my size, too!

But don’t be tempted to buy cheap and cute. Your babies’ and toddlers’ feet are growing rapidly and need to be safe and supported by their shoes.

I know it’s hard to find cute and practical when it comes to sandals for babies and toddlers. They just aren’t marketed that way.

Flimsy flip flops and cute sandals with big flowers are great for pictures, but they just aren’t safe or sturdy enough for everyday wear on such a busy little human!

“Well, what so wrong about  trendy summer sandals and flip flops?”

How about we talk about what’s right for babies’ and toddlers’ feet in the summer time, shall we?

3 Reasons Why Quality is More Important Than Cuteness When Buying Summer Sandals For Babies And Toddlers



Babies and toddlers need arch support and protection from the elements.

More support from the shoe will actually help them develop a good strong arch over time, which reduces pain and dysfunction later in life like plantar fasciitis, Achilles  tendonitis, and knee pain.  Ouch!


Flip flops without heel straps are very difficult for littles to keep on with their hard working walking muscles.

They also don’t provide and barrier from rocks, glass, and splinters. Have you ever had a cranky toddler at the zoo on a sunny afternoon?  The hot ground is cooking their feet through the thin plastic soles! Their baby feet are sensitive! They haven’t been walking long enough to build up tough calluses  like we have. So the shoe needs to have protection built in.


You’ll spend less money on one pair of sturdy, supportive summer sandals than you will on several pairs flimsy, trendy shoes.  And they can be passed down to younger siblings because they’re so durable.  Win-win!

They can still be cute, don’t worry!

Here are my favorites this season:

(These are affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and make a purchase of any kind on Amazon, I will receive a very small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting this site!)


And these are the ones I would definitely avoid! They all come in infant and toddler sizes…

(Check out this post about kids in heels)

The best summer sandals for babies and toddlers at everythingbabies.org


For the love of humanity, Mommas and Dadas!  

Please take care of your baby’s feet! 


Has this post sparked any questions or concerns about your little one’s feet or which shoes are best for their needs? Don’t hesitate to reach out, I can answer any question you might have!


Ask the Baby Expert! Free 30min consult with Wendy Rohin, pediatric PT at everythingbabies.org

If you would like to learn a little more about growing feet, click here.


What do you think about this post? Do you agree or disagree?

Do you know of some really good summer shoes that are also quite affordable? Please share in the comments below! ♥

Cheers! everythingbabies.org

The Best Summer Sandals For Babies and Toddlers: Quality Over Cuteness at everythingbabies.org
The Best Summer Sandals For Babies and Toddlers: Quality Over Cuteness at

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