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The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 Must-Have Items For The Baby’s Room

March 5, 2017
The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 must haves and 7 have not items for baby's room -

The nursery is for sleeping and nursing, not for playing or entertaining siblings and guests!

Of course, we all know the nursery is for sleeping and feeding, but let’s think about it a little more.  What are the two most common complaints from moms of babies? Yep! You guessed it!

Breastfeeding and Sleeping!!!

So why do we get all deco-crazy when designing the baby’s room? Is it the pregnancy hormones? The “nesting syndrome?”  I blame Pinterest. 😉

When you are expecting a baby, don’t you just love scrolling through all the nursery pins on Pinterest? I am so with you! I have more pins of nurseries saved on my “future baby” board than any other baby item. Do you get so excited about the idea of decorating a space from scratch?  When else do we get to express our creativity so limitlessly? Maybe when moving into a brand new house…but how many times does that happen in a lifetime? Ummm…once to never, right?!

Mommas get control of yourselves! 

Reel it in a bit, will ya? Let’s focus on the end game. Don’t we want happy, well-fed, well-rested babies?

Yes We Do! Yes We Do! (Are you pumping your fist and chanting with me?)  

Repeat after me: “The nursery is for sleeping and feeding, not for playing or entertaining!” This is your mantra, mommas. Repeat it regularly, especially when scrolling through Pinterest or when you’re armed with the registry gun and Babys ‘R’ Us. Keep your cool, focus on your goal.  You got this, mommas! 

And I’m here to help you! We’re already rock-star Mommas just because we keep our children alive, fed and clothed, but let’s change the world!

Let's be WELL-RESTED rock-star supermoms!Click To Tweet

This post will give you the ultimate list of must-haves for a calm, quiet, sleepy nursery as well as the “don’t waste your money” have nots. 🙂

So take note, mommas. This is good stuff. 🙂

OK….so maybe we need to give up the illusion (delusion) of having the oh-so-chic celebrity nursery, with crowns and chandeliers, and human-sized stuffed bears and murals of Paris across the walls. (Ooh, that does sound lovely, though…but stay focused! “The nursery is for sleeping and feeding, not playing or entertaining.”)

We need to set ourselves up for success! Feeding and sleeping success!


I promise, no one will care how fancy and exciting the nursery looks. They will be more jealous of the fact that your baby feeds and sleeps like an angel.  Don’t you want to be that fresh, well-rested momma that doesn’t look like she’s been living under a bridge in the Windy City? Wouldn’t it be nice to preserve just a few brain cells so you can actually think clearly and remember things? Me too!

Don’t give up on your dreams, dear mommas!! 

This is where I swoop in to help you, wearing my Baby Expert Supermom cape.  (You should have one, too. I’ll have to make some and sell them and donate the proceeds to charity…but I digress.)

As a pediatric physical therapist, I’ve spent the last 15 years learning about babies and teaching moms how to help them be successful eaters and sleepers. I educate parents about reading baby’s cues for hunger and tiredness, how to differentiate colic and reflux, and how to support their babies in transitioning from helpless dependency as newborns to self-soothing, self-regulating little beings that let you sleep through the night!

That’s why I had to write a book about it!  It’s called “Sweet Baby Sleep.”

Nursery Necessities” is just one chapter. I also cover daytime eat-play-sleep routines, bedtime routines, preventing night waking and troubleshooting night waking. I also talk about special considerations like reflux and poor weight gain and how they sabotage your good intentions!

My step-by-step sleep guide is FREE to you, just for signing up to join my blog!


But for now, let’s start with how to decorate/furnish the nursery for sleeping and feeding.

(Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in the lists below. This means that if you click on the link and make any purchase on Amazon, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping me keep my blog running!)


9 Nursery necessities to help baby sleep:

  1. Warm or pastel wall colors, minimal contrasts or designs

  2. Crib with a tight-fitting mattress and sheet

  3. Swaddle

  4. Soft light on a dimmer switch

  5. Black out curtains

  6. Sound Machine

  7. Humidifier

  8. Wipes warmer

  9. Board books


5 Nursery necessities to help momma help baby sleep:

  1. Comfortable rocking chair

  2. Boppy or nursing pillow

  3. Notebook or phone app for tracking feeding and sleeping habits

  4. Blanket for chair

  5. Video Monitor


7 Nursery No-No’s

(unless you want a distracted or overstimulated baby that doesn’t sleep or feed well…)

  1. Crib bumper

  2. Busy patterns

  3. Bright colors

  4. Mobile over crib

  5. Toys with lights/sound

  6. Crib toys

  7. TV!


Of course, there are a lot more items that are not on these lists, but I have to stop rambling on! I hope you find this post helpful. And remember, it’s not too late to establish good sleeping and feeding habits. You can start with simplifying the nursery, then read my FREE  step-by-step sleep guide   for more ideas!

Please leave a comment! What else would you add to the must-have and have-not lists to help your baby sleep better in his/her nursery?   I can’t wait to hear from you!



Nursery Necessities - EVERYTHINGBABIES.ORG
The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 must haves and 7 have not items for baby's room

The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 must haves and 7 have not items for baby’s room

The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 must haves and 7 have not items for baby's room

The Nursery is for Sleeping! 14 must haves and 7 have not items for baby’s room

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