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To The Amazing Parents Of NICU Survivors–My Heart And Soul Are With You

May 28, 2017
A Letter To the Amazing Parents of NICU Survivors, My Heart and Soul are with You - everythingbabies.org

Congratulations! You and your baby(s) are NICU survivors!

Being a preemie parent is so unbelievably challenging!  And no matter what anyone else says, preemies are soooooo different from full-term babies. And YOUR preemie is NOTHING LIKE anyone else’s preemie!

Now you’re scared about raising a preemie. I get it.

But don’t you dare start comparing!

There is absolutely no benefit to comparing your preemie to any other baby on the planet. Don’t do it. And don’t let anyone else’s comparisons get you down. They have no idea what they’re talking about!

Save yourself the emotional energy for long days, late nights and what will feel like a lifetime of doctors and therapy appointments.  

As a pediatric physical therapist, I’ve worked with over 150 babies and close to half of them were born premature.  I have a special place in my heart for preemies and their parents because I understand how complex and difficult and stressful the NICU experience is.

And I don’t even come in to the picture until your baby has survived and graduated to home from the NICU. You are exhausted from the stress and trauma that was everyday of your life since you learned you were at risk of preterm labor.  You have waited and worried and waited and worried for days, weeks, and months to bring your baby home already!

But…sadly, it doesn’t stop there. You are now home with a fragile, albeit strong, little wee one that fills your heart with so much joy and your stomach with so much worry and your mind with so much doubt! Now you have the challenge of not only surviving, but thriving in your life with your NICU survivor!

I get it.  I get you! Please don’t hesitate to ask me ANY questions you have when you get home, or when you are planning for life after the NICU.  I can help you in so many ways, but always with kindness, empathy and positivity. If you have concerns that are out of my areas of expertise, I will find you someone to talk to.  If you are struggling with your medical team, I will help advocate for you and your family! 

First, you can schedule a free, 30-minute call here:


Ask the Baby Expert! Free 30min consult with Wendy Rohin, pediatric PT at everythingbabies.org


And then you’ll want to join the new Preemie Power! Parent Support Group on Facebook!  We do daily themes, weekly Facebook live sessions on the topics YOU choose, and we have rewards points and giveaways because you deserve to have fun sometimes! Our members are saying “this is by far the best preemie group I have ever been a part of!”


Preemie Power! Facebook support group empowering parents with information from moms who are experts in the field. www.facebook.com/groups/PreemiePower



Congratulations, NICU Survivors, and best wishes for you and your family! 


Are you eager to read and learn more about your new life?  Here’s a few suggestions to get you going!


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Please leave a comment below! It will help spread the words of hope and empowerment to other parents of preemies as well!

Cheers! everythingbabies.org


A Letter To the Amazing Parents of NICU Survivors, My Heart and Soul are with You - everythingbabies.orgA Letter To the Amazing Parents of NICU Survivors, My Heart and Soul are with You - everythingbabies.org

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