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You are in the right place if you are:


  • Expecting a baby

  • A first-time parent

  • A parent of preemies or babies with developmental challenges

  • An experienced parent with a new baby that’s throwing you for a loop

  • An experienced parent that wants to be more prepared and proactive this time around (You want to get more sleep, perhaps?)

  • A loving friend or relative looking for books or toys for the new baby

  • Or anyone else just wanting to learn more about healthy infant development!


    Feel free to look around the website, ask me questions or stalk me on social media. 😉 


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"Sweet Baby Sleep" A step-by-step guide to better sleep for babies and mommas!


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Why am I here, you ask?


I really do love my job in private practice, but I’m feeling a bit too constrained. I want to be able to reach out to families outside of the confines of my physical location.

I want parents to be able to access me easily, as soon as the need for help arises! The sooner a baby gets help, the easier the process and the better the outcome.

That’s how this baby blogging-consulting-coaching business got started, and this is Everything Babies, LLC and everythingbabies.org!

I am excited to say I can now help YOU, too! And you don’t even have to leave your home!!

I offer online consultations, coaching, and classes.  You don’t have to talk to your doctor to get a referral then fly to Boise every week to get help. You don’t even have to leave your home! 😉

All you have to do is get out your phone or your laptop and reach out to me! Easy-peasy!


Click here to read more about me, Wendy Rohin – pediatric physical therapist, blogger, and baby consultant!


So, why are you here?   Are YOU:


  • Nervous about having your first child, feeling like you have no clue how to raise a baby?

  • Freaking out because you are struggling with breastfeeding because it hurts and/or you don’t know if your  baby  is latching right or eating enough?

  • Excited about your second (or third, or fourth…) child, and you  are determined to get this baby to sleep through the night ASAP or to raise a tummy-time champ without a flat head?

  • Sitting in the NICU scared to death about what the future holds for you, your family, and your baby?

  • Stuck in denial because your baby has been diagnosed with a developmental delay and you just can’t wrap your brain around it?

  • Sick and tired of unsolicited advice from relatives and friends with perfect babies?

  • Out of your mind because ALL of those baby books don’t help you with the unique challenges you are facing with your unique but difficult baby?

  • Feeling so much anxiety and pressure and Mommy guilt that you can barely function?





I will educate and empower you to get through these challenges! I will NOT judge you, belittle you or dismiss you because you are a new mom (parent/dad/caregiver)!

You will NEVER hear me say “stop worrying so much,”  or  “you’ll get used to it,” or “your baby will grow out of it.”  Ugh! That’s soooo frustrating!

You will get a listening ear, empathy, and validation of your struggles. I GET YOU! I’ve been there myself as a mom, and I work with babies and their frazzled parents EVERY SINGLE DAY!


If you are ready to get help, just click  “Work with Me”  here, in the top menu or down below to schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION!

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And if you are really sleep-deprived or want to make sure you and baby get good sleep, click on “The Book” box for access to “Sweet Baby Sleep,” my FREE STEP-BY-STEP SLEEP GUIDE. (When it becomes a published book, free copies will no longer be available!)

Your Infant Development Resource at everythingbabies.orgWork with me Everythingbabies.org"Sweet Baby Sleep" A step-by-step guide to better sleep for babies and mommas!



Check out what these parents have said about my services:


Leah, mother to Ella, 12 months old

“I just stress and worry all the time. I have so much guilt that I’m not doing anything right!  But since we’ve been coming to you, Wendy, I feel so much relief. My daughter is getting better and I’ve learned so much here.  I feel more confident, and I don’t worry as much about doing everything right.”


Testimonial from Misty MaruskaMisty, mother of Harlequin, 15 months old

“… All along, her Dad and I were feeling completely incompetent for raising a baby who was not on the “proper track” for development and in our minds this was the ultimate failure. Her doctor recommended us to see Wendy to try and get back on track. Our first appointment came and from that point forward my feelings of failure and defeat started to dwindle. With each appointment was progress and nothing but positivity from Wendy. Each appointment is filled with fun (or mostly so) for the kiddo, and a vast amount of knowledge, exercises, activities, and encouragement for me….

…My youngest is now blossoming, my confidence as a mother is up, and my days of what I used to look at as failure are now a thing of the past all thanks to Wendy. What I have learned from Wendy goes far beyond just the physical care and development of my daughter.  As Mothers we have to remember that every child is different and each develops differently but this does not equal failure. Without my favorite Physical Therapist/Blogger I would never have believed this or believed in myself….

 …The only thing I wish was different in this whole scenario is that I had been getting Wendy’s advice from the day I found out I was pregnant, so thank you Wendy from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for our little family! ”